Real Estate Investment Data

Investment Real Estate Research

Choosing the right real estate investments is crucial. The right investments can create wealth beyond years, but the wrong ones can send you to bankruptcy court. Be well-informed about the investment properties you choose. 

The research and data that matters

There are plenty of data providers out there that provide public property information and comps, but none of them give a true picture of a property’s cash flow and appreciation potential over your holding period. 

What a nearby property sold for last month has very little, if anything, to do with the income your real estate investment will produce over the next several years. It also won’t tell if you’ll likely end up in the hole every month. 

Some of the key data points we provide are:

  • Demand trends
  • Net population migration trends
  • Planned and likely future development
  • Market lease rates
  • CapEx budget based on the age of the property, and it’s major components. 
  • In-depth financial analysis
  • Identify value-add opportunities
  • Property and neighborhood risk factors
  • In-depth local market study