Hey, Want to Go Back to My Place?

The Best Time To Start Prospecting Was Six Months Ago, The Second Best Time Is Now
January 7, 2018
February 3, 2018

Hey, Want to Go Back to My Place?

Happy couple at the bar enjoying the cocktail party

The names in this story have been changed to protect the identity of this story’s protagonist.

There’s this guy, named Steve, who was pretty well known in his industry as being a top salesperson. In fact, he did so well in sales he was able to go out and start up his own business in the same industry and become one of its top players. Steve worked really hard all week, and often times into the weekend. When Steve wasn’t working, though, he liked to play hard. Steve and a couple of his friends would often go for some bar hopping. Now, Steve was a single guy, and so were his friends. Needless to say, their goal when heading out to the bar was usually to pick up women.

Steve’s two friends, Chris and Matt, would pride themselves in their ability to talk to women, to make them laugh and, if things went their way, to get them back to their apartments after the bar closed. The typical strategy was to choose their target early in the night and spend the rest of their evening working toward their end goal. Just like most young bachelors, some nights they were successful, other nights they would strike out.

Steve, however, had a different approach. He would set up base right outside the women’s restroom and give the same line to every woman on her way out of the bathroom; “Hey, want to go back to my place?”. Just about anyone could come up with 100 reasons as to why this is a horrible strategy. So horrible that you would be likely to get slapped if you gave it a try. The truth is, Steve had better success than his two friends. Nearly every night out at the bar resulted in Steve getting a woman to go back to his place.

The point of this post is not to teach a strategy for picking up women, but to show that nearly any sales or marketing strategy (within reason) can work when done with persistence. So many salespeople put off prospecting until they come up with a great strategy. They want to wait until they finish the new sales prospecting book, or develop a 20 page plan outlining detailed steps and goals. In the meantime, nothing is getting done. Yes, you should have goals and plans written down, but don’t put off prospecting until you have the perfect plan mapped out.

Choose at least one simple prospecting method and do it consistently. I say a simple method because it will make it much more likely that you’ll consistently follow through with it. It could be as simple as regular posts on LinkedIn or Instragram, letters or postcards to prospects, or a weekly email newsletter.

Why did asking the same questions “Hey, want to go back to my place?” work? By doing it consistently, it gave him the best odds of presenting his opportunity to somebody currently looking for what he had to offer. Every day, there’s somebody out there looking for what you have to sell. By staying consistent, you’ll have the best chances of being there when they’re ready.

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