F**k It

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February 7, 2018
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February 20, 2018

F**k It

Just about everyone has said it at least once, and most of us probably say it somewhat regularly. You might say it just before you give up on something, or when you decide you don’t care what the consequences of something are, or when you just don’t care about whatever it is you’re saying it about.

“Fuck it”

For me, some of the greatest moments in my life came from saying it. Some of my best memories have come from times when I decided to just ignore the negative voice inside of me telling me not to do something, pushing aside my fears, or deciding that somebody else doesn’t get a say in what I do with my life, when I just said “fuck it.”

I remember when I was working on getting my pilot’s license and was about to solo for the first time. My instructor knew me well enough to know that I couldn’t know I was going to solo ahead of time, or else I might not show up. Instead, he waited until we were lined up on the runway about to take off, unbuckled his seat belt, took his headset off, opened the door, hopped out and said “be careful”. I sat in the left seat, terrified, having a mild panic attack, thinking I needed to just turn the plane around, taxi it back to the flight school and just go home. No way did I think I was ready to fly and land a plane all by myself. But, I silenced those doubting voices and, out loud, said “fuck it”, pushed the throttle all the way in, started rolling down the runway, and took off. That was a moment I easily could have let me doubts and fears win, but I went for it. I’m so glad I went for it, because if I wouldn’t have I never would have finished my training and never would have earned my private pilot certificate. I love being able to fly an airplane, and it’s all because I just said “fuck it”.

I remember my first real business decision. I had this idea that I was going to start promoting parties at a local night club. I set up a meeting with the club manager and went over all of the details, what I needed for security, and who to hire as a DJ. I was feeling pretty good about it until the manager asked me what experience I had promoting. I thought I was doomed when I had to tell him the truth, that I had never done anything like this. Well, I wasn’t doomed but he wasn’t about to let me promote a night unless I gave him a deposit of $500. At this point in my life I was rarely able to pay my rent on time so I definitely didn’t have an extra $500 I could give for a deposit. It just so happened that I had this meeting on payday and hadn’t paid any bills yet. I sat there disappointed, scared, and defeated. “Fuck it.” I gave him the $500 and decided to figure the rest out later. The night was a success. I didn’t make a ton of money, but I at least doubled my $500. I also did just well enough that I was welcomed to do more events, without the $500 deposit. I went on to do several promotions making a lot of money. On top of that, I met several people throughout it all that provided me with several opportunities. I met somebody that ended up giving me a better job than I currently had, and that job lead to future business opportunities and eventually meeting the person that got me into commercial real estate. All because I took the risk and said “fuck it”.

Obviously you shouldn’t use this for everything. Life still has responsibilities that we can’t just say “fuck it” to. But, when it comes to following a dream, a new opportunity you’re confident about, or a scary adventure that you wish you had the guts to do, just go for it. Tell your fears to step aside, tell that negative voice to shut the hell up, politely ignore the naysayers, and just say FUCK IT!

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