My Story

I didn’t come from a family with a real estate background, nor did I receive any real formal real estate education. The idea to get into a career in real estate came from an infomercial I watched while still in high school about investing in real estate with no money down. You know the one…

I also didn’t start my real estate career off as a successful agent. In fact, I struggled to pay my bills for the first few years while watching other agents collect five and six figure commission checks. Deep down I knew that I had the ability to be successful, but just felt that I was missing some key piece of the puzzle.

There was never an epiphany, or “ah ha” moment that made it all click. Through having moments of success to experiencing the deep lows, I was eventually able to put together the formula for success that worked for me. It mostly boiled down to the types of deals I believed that I was capable of doing and choosing a very specific skillset that I would become the absolute expert on over anyone else in my market. These two things have been able to set me apart from any other agents in my market and allow me to compete on an entirely different level.

I started my own commercial real estate agency and hired agents starting off just the way I did; with no background or formal education in real estate. I taught them this formula from the very beginning, and they were able to start their real estate careers off with incredible success. I was able to help them avoid the years of struggling and starving that I endured.

There are some serious gaps in the real estate market that very few agents are filling. These gaps provide a huge opportunity for agents that want to set themselves apart from the rest and stop competing with everyone else over the same sellers and buyers. My goal is to help as many agents, in the same situation as I was, to break out of their rut and achieve the success they know they’re capable of; the success they started real estate to achieve. None of us got into real estate to be mediocre. We did it to be great.