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I started my real estate brokerage in 2017 with just one agent and myself. My friend was preparing for his licensing exam when he talked me into opening a brokerage so we could work together and not have to be involved with one of the large firms.

I knew we would have a hard time competing with the big names in town, especially because the best name I could come up with was "Vandenboss Commercial" and it's not the easiest to remember. We decided right away that we weren't going to compete head-to-head, but find a way to dominate. Sounds easy, right?

I looked outside of the commercial real estate industry to see how other successful businesses were marketing. I looked at who our clients were as a person, not just as a company. I also put myself in the shoes of a tenant, landlord, buyer, or seller to figure out what my first steps would be if I were to lease a new space, fill a space in my property, buy an investment property, or sell. I thought about what I would consider when deciding which agent to work with, and what would make me not want to work with a particular agent or brokerage.

I used the information I came up with to refine the business plan, establish our core values, and to create a marketing plan that would set us apart.

About one year and a couple new agents later, my brokerage was becoming known as the only ones to call to buy or sell an assisted living facility, and have since cemented the title of "Leaders in Assisted Living and Senior Housing Brokerage"

I have since helped other agents establish themselves in their market the same way by assisting them with the same advanced marketing strategies and teaching them how to become absolute experts in their niche and dominate their market, instead of competing.

The same philosiphy I use works with residential agents, commercial agents and business brokers, and I would love to help you the same!

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- Ernest Hemingway

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