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I've learned the ins and outs of commercial real estate investing in my career as a real estate broker. 

The most I knew about REITs was that they could afford to buy a lot of real estate. Besides that, I figured they were just a type of stock like any other. As I learned more about them, I realized that isn't the case at all. REITs are real estate, plain and simple. The same principals  in real estate investing apply to REIT investing. 

I also saw how analysts rate them. They look at the numbers and form their opinion around them. As a real estate professional, I wanted to know more about a REIT's portfolio before I invested in them. 

After digging into the properties themselves, looking at the tenants, the lease terms, property valuations, etc., I was able to find some real winners that analysts overlooked. I was also able to avoid others that were being recommended. 

I became interested in REITs when I saw the dividends many of them pay. They provide cashflow. Either every month or every quarter. I have REITs that pay me 7%-10% cashflow every year, while they increase in value. 

I've teamed up with a Wall Street REIT fund manager and other commercial real estate professionals. I also brought on researchers to gather the important details on the properties REITs own, and a data analyst to make sense of it all and put it all together. 

If you want to use your real estate investing knowledge to profit from REITs, and take advantage of the resources and data I've put together, just enter your email address below. I'll send you the top REIT pick for July for you to get started with. It will earn you more profit than any rental property will.



Get my favorite REIT for JulyJuly's best buy with a full analysis